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F*ck Knows American Whiskey

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Tasting Notes

F*ck Knows is the little cousin to The Lost Whiskey; overlooked by us for some time, quietly building in flavour and aroma.

This is second whiskey we ever made. Were we certain it was going to turn out this good? F*ck no, but we gave it a crack.

If you like a big mouthful of vanilla sponge cake, smooth candied apple, subtle oak to carry the finish and a whiskey that lets the best of its origins (corn, rye and barley) then you'll love this whiskey.

Final blend is (roughly) 75% new American oak matured with 25% of two types of new French oak (equal parts).

Drink it straight, on the rocks with a splash of water to open it up. If you're feeling fancy, this is the best whiskey for any cocktail that calls for an American Whiskey.

700mL | 57% ABV

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